Friday, August 21, 2015

My Sunset after the Rain

It's been almost one month since I started RandOM Access. In late July, I went to Makati to stay at my sister's place while looking for a job. As part of training I started this blog, and then something awesome happened in less than a month.

In most J-Music blogs fans rant/rave about the latest music video of their fave J-Idol Group. Some of the usual rants include "I wish this oshi gets more screen time" and "How did this girl get more lines?" and the line-up change specials in the lines of "Waaa this is her last single!" and "Why'd they put too much focus on her?". And I'm proud to tell you that this blog... IS NOT ONE OF THEM. This post isn't even about my fave idol group. (Personally, I'd leave the job to the more seasoned wota.)

But enough about that. I wish to impart to you a song that's making sense to me right now. "Yuugure wa Ame Agari (The Sunset after the Rain)" by Morning Musume 15.

While the English translation isn't as 100% accurate, when you read the translation closely it does provide a picture of what I'm feeling right now, something everyone goes through at some point.

Monday, August 17, 2015

One-Week Date! On the Wings of Love

(Courtesy of ABS-CBN) I know that JaDine is totally in right now... but they're not the main reason I watch On the Wings of Love

YAY! A few weeks after my totally IG-spammed post about Albie Casiño and how excited I am to see him regularly on TV again (which on my current blog level, has been overtaken by my CD-R King Bluetooth speaker PR), the new ABS-CBN TV Series On the Wings of Love has just arrived last August 10, 2015! 

I, Oliver Manlulu, have subscribed as a Free user of iWantTV just to watch Albie as Jigs Magtoto, the egocentric, overemotional junior manager who breaks up with Leah because the girl refuses to give up her American Dream (girl you have all my respect when you did that). I'm all for JaDine, really, partly because in retrospect I did post something about no girl would ever be good enough to be Albie's leading lady (not even Nadine, and she already has James!). I made an executive decision to watch #OTWOL on iWantTV the day after a new episode premieres on TV. (At least I didn't have to sit through the near-pointless remake that is Pangako Sa 'Yo when I wrote this.)

Generally I tend to stay away from Pinoy teleseryes whenever they get too heavy or formulaic (which happens to almost every teleserye unfortunately), with Coco Martin's Ikaw Lamang being the only exception to that rule. Dream Dad and Be Careful with My Heart, two other of my ABS-CBN faves, also had light-mood stories where the only permanent heavy stuff is the passing of an elderly character (Alex's dad and Lola Mamang respectively). 

Let's get down to business.

Friday, August 14, 2015

I went to a Cinemalaya screening once...

Images courtesy of Cinemalaya's Facebook fan page.

Last Wednesday, August 12, 2015, I went to the CCP Complex in a bid to watch all ten short films in this year's Cinemalaya film festival. I got myself a ticket to Shorts-A, but the Shorts-B tickets are sold out. While waiting, I decide to take a mini-exploration of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. When I was a baby, my family had a picnic in the park right in front of the wide building. Fast-forward to today I was able to get inside to watch five of the short films taking part in this festival.

Now, the FILM REVIEW is neither critical dissemination nor incoming halo effect to films and their directors/production arms/everyone who contributed to getting the film to the audience. It's just a quick opinion rundown of the entries I was fortunate enough to watch. (I still get a Shame Attack for ditching the other five entries, but if you have other fun commitments to turn to, you can get past it.)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

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